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Andrew's Tips: Top North American Pipe Bands

By Andrew T. Lenz, Jr., Santa Cruz, California, ©2009-2010

Prince Charles Pipe Band (Grade II, 2009) of WUSPBA

Below is a list of Grade I and Grade II pipe bands in North America—currently, these bands are only found in the United States and Canada.

North American piping associations with links to their band listing (if available):

Alberta Society of Pipers and Drummers (ASPD) No band listing page on their site, see results.

Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association (ACPBA)

British Columbia Pipers' Association (BC Pipers) Listing may be out of date.

Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA) PDF file

Mid-West Pipe Band Association (MWPBA)

Prairie Pipe Band Association of Manitoba (PPBAM)

Pipers' & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) Band listing linked at left of PPBSO page.

Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association (SPBA)

Southern United States Pipe Band Association (SUSPBA) Click on "member bands" at left. Listing is not always current.

Western United States Pipe Band Association (WUSPBA)

Please note that not all associations maintain their band lists with the same degree of vigilance! The list below was compiled after talking with bnad members of the various associations since some lists were either unavailable, unmaintained, or not updated to reflect new band gradings.

ASPD Alberta Caledonia Pipe Band
ACPBA 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel
BC Pipers Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band
EUSPBA City of Washington Pipe Band Oran Mor Pipe Band
PPBSO Peel Regional Police Pipe Band Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders
Toronto Police Pipe Band
SPBA n/a
WUSPBA Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band
Grade I: 11 bands

ASPD Rocky Mountain Pipe Band
ACPBA Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew Pipe Band
BC Pipers Chilliwack & District Pipe Band New Westminster Police Pipe Band
Portland Metro Pipe Band
EUSPBA Manchester Pipe Band Stuart Highlanders
MWPBA City of Chicago Pipe Band
PPBAM Saint Andrew's Society of Winnipeg Pipe Band
PPBSO Durham Regional Police Pipe Band Glengarry Pipe Band
Hamilton Police Pipes & Drums

Burnett's & Struth Pipe Band

Penetangore Pipe Band  
SPBA City of Regina Pipe Band
WUSPBA James J. Coyne Memorial Pipe Band Prince Charles Pipe Band
Grade II: 18 bands

The above list is believed to be accurate for the 2010 competition season.


  • St. Thomas Alumni Pipe Band is a Grade II band but the proper association has not been determined. (Either EUSPBA or PPBSO according to their lead drummer.)
  • Gaelic College Pipe Band (ACPBA, Grade 1) has not been active for some time.
    Midlothian Scottish (MWPBA, Grade 2) dissolved after 2009.
  • While listed as Grade 2 on, City of Dunedin Pipe Band is no longer Grade 2.
  • Dartmouth & District Pipe Band (ACPBA) combined G2 and G4 into a Grade 3 band.
  • Niagara Regional Police PB just has a Grade 4 band. (Many of their members joined the Penatangore PB.)
  • Niagara Regional Police Pipe Band (Grade II) disbanded in January 2010, leaving only their Grade IV band.
  • Great Lakes Pipe Band was formed in 2009 as a result of the Winsor Police Pipe Band folding. The GLPB competed and won in Grade III. 2010 placement is unknown at the time of this writing.
  • Burnett's & Struth Pipe Band petitioned the PPBSO to upgrade them to grade II for 2010 and it was granted.

If you have comments or suggestions about this page, please contact me.

This page last updated Monday, May 31, 2010.
Page first created in November 29, 2009.

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